Shoreline Wines

Since 2016, Shoreline Foods has been importing our very own line of Cretan wines via our sister company, Yia Yia’s Imports LLC. The vineyards are family owned and part of the Diamantakis Winery which is known, throughout Greece, for producing some of the best Cretan wines in Greece. The level of sophistication and love they show each wine shines through with amazing quality and flavor.

Shoreline Chardonnay-Vidiano-Vilana

This white wine is a blend of the indigenous white varieties Vidiano, and Vilana with the Chardonnay. This wine boasts a clear green/yellow color and aromas of flowers, pear, lemon, a pergamot. Best enjoyed at temperatures between 53° & 55° F.

Shoreline Syrah

This dry red is an aromatic, light and velvety textured red wine, exclusively from the Syrah grape which can be delightful at anytime of the year. The color is quite purple with red highlights. On the nose, fresh, aromatic due to an intense bouquet of black pepper and blackberries which is followed by scents of violet, typical of Syrah

Shoreline Rosé

A pleasant rosé wine from the varieties of Mandilaria and Syrah which offers the opportunity to enjoy a fresh wine with no oak involved. The color is lightly intense red, reminiscent of pomegranate seeds. Aromas of ripe red fruits especially cherry with hints of rose petals. Freshness and balance in the mouth with subtle tannins and pleasant acidity and long lasting aftertaste.

Shoreline Retsina

Retsina is a dry white wine originating in the Attica region of Greece that is famous for its piney aroma. Our Retsina, made in Crete, also presents pleasant aromas of pear, mastic, and green apples to mask some of the pine, making this Retsina much easier to enjoy and less intimidating to the first-time taster.

Made with ❤ with Elementor for Shoreline Foods Intlernational Market & Deli 2019

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