Diamantakis Wines

The love and passion of Diamantakis family for high quality wine and their long tradition in viticulture  was the motivation to create a small winery in the area. The cultivation and vinification is carried out on behalf of production of excellent wines showing on care and respect.Family’s purpose is the cultivation of local grape varieties such as Vidiano, Liatiko and Mandilari which can be blended in perfectly with the unique macroclimate of the area aiming to the production of fine wines. Read More

Diamantakis Syrah-Mandilari

Diamantopetra Red is a combination of two charming, distinctive red grape varieties. The Cretan Mandilaria offers the strength, the rough tannins and the acidity while the international and distinguished Syrah brings in richness and firmness of the wine. Our first goal was to create a strongly tasteful wine and secondly give the consumer the chance to taste the aromas of the Cretan land that that preserve their purity and authenticity from Minoan times till now. More Info

Diamantakis Vidiano-Assyrtiko

The potential of Assyrtiko and the uniqueness of Vidiano, two of the most distinguished white Greek grape varieties, are combined to give a wine of a perfect balance, framed by the caress of a barrel that complements by adding depth and complexity. Our choice of these two grape varieties was not random at all. Each grape variety separately attributes in a different way in the wine profile. Vidiano offers all the aromas and complexity whereas Assyrtiko gives the acidity, which contributes to a pleasant wine with high aging of potential. More Info

Diamantakis Kotsifali

Kotsifali is a dark-skinned grape variety from the mountainous vineyards in the Heraklion area of Crete, Greece. Bright red color, pleasant aromas of dark berries, spices, and notes of herbs make this varietal a great every day drinking red wine.

Diamantakis Assyrtiko

This dry white wine is produced form selected grapes of the Assyrtiko variety cultivated in the Kato Asites mountain-side region on the island of Crete, in Greece. With a pale yellow color, fresh citrus aromas, crispy acidity, and a balanced finish, this refreshing wine is best enjoyed at temperatures of 52°-55° F.

Made with ❤ with Elementor for Shoreline Foods Intlernational Market & Deli 2019

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