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“It all started when a friend and I took cooking classes together. There I learned how to fry a turkey (the right way) and many other things. The thing that intrigued me was when we were asked to put this rub on our meat which I didn’t like the taste. So I started to experiment to find the right spices to make the best rub around that would give every piece of meat a desirable taste that would leave mouths watering and have everyone asking what it was. I finally came across the best mixture, after many, many, many tries.”

“I started using my spices at every gathering I went to, whether it was at my house or at someone elses grill. Once I used my spices for cooking, everyone wanted to know my secret, what was it that made the food taste so great? That’s when I realized I wanted to share this great amazing taste with the rest of the world. Hence how PJ’s Deep South Seasoning started! ​
Although I’d love to share it with everyone for free, it costs money to make this spice just the way it should be. Now, PJ’s is growing and expanding every day! We hope that this website will inspire many to try our great products. We are working our ways into stores near you! Check out what stores already have PJ’s on their shelves! If you don’t see your store, go tell em to put PJ’s on their shelves, direct them here to our website and let’s get PJ’s in every home so that everyone can enjoy the greatness in the bottle.”
– John and Pat Lobb

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